the brussels brasserie for greedy gluttons and fine beer lovers

Our beer list is not in search of exhaustivity (still, we offer a choice of more than 100). On the contrary, we've selected for you true gems from walloon, flemish and Brussels breweries, and work only with brewers whose work we admire (away from sugary products, in search of bitterness and aromas). No mass-produced industrial beer within our walls for sure.

Fond lovers of Gueuze ourselves (we never agree on which one is the best), we've made a special place for the best Lambics brewed in Brussels and the nearby Pajottenland — acidity, sourness, pungency, the choice is yours.

Beerlovers talk about us: check our "Press" page.

In the same spirit, we offer a short but well-advised selection of wines from France and elsewhere; alcohols and liqueurs we fell for (as well as some universal classics). Not to forget our real hot chocolate (made with belgian chocolate filling) and a selection of teas from the "Palais des Thés".

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Litterally, in Brussels' dialect, that's the one who has never, never ever enough.

Greedy gluttons, perfectionnists,
(wo)manizers, we welcome all three versions!